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Zurkon Jr.
Each Zurkon is accompanied by a small but violent protege
―Weapon Description  [R&C (PS4)]
Little Zurkon is here!
―Zurkon Jr. upon deploying him  [R&C (PS4)]
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Zurkon Jr. was the son of Mr. Zurkon. When Mr. Zurkon is fully upgraded he is accompanied by Zurkon Jr. in combat.

Raritanium Weapon Upgrades

  • Rate of Fire x20: Decreases the time interval between each shots by 10% per upgrade.
  • Bonus Bolts x9: Increases the amount of bolts dropped from killing enemies by 5% per upgrade.
  • Shot Count x20: Increases the amount of shots the Zurkons can fire before disappearing by 5% per upgrade.

Raritanium Mystery Upgrades

  • Dormancy Protocol (left): Increases the amount of shots the Zurkons can fire before disappearing.
  • Hyperbolic Optics (right): Increases the range of the Zurkons to target enemies.Weapon Summaries

Weapon Summary

A scrappy support synthenoid that fights alongside his father, Mr. Zurkon.
Holocard Description  [R&C (PS4)]


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