Zoni Vessel
Zoni Count

HUD showing the amount of Zoni in a vessel

The Zoni Vessel was a container that could be used to store collected Zoni.[1] It took the form of a small blue cylindrical object that could compress Zoni and store them within it. They could hold up to forty Zoni. The primary purposes of the vessel were to store all the Zoni together, and that when all the Zoni were together, they gave more power than when they were scattered.


Nefarious' Zoni vessel

Nefarious beside his Zoni Vessel, with Orvus captured

The original Zoni vessel was brought to the dimension by Orvus who then trusted it to the Fongoids. The vessel generated the most Zoni bio-energy the whole universe had ever seen. It was left by the Tharpods in the Temple of Zahn.

Finding Zoni

Ratchet holding the vessel in his left hand

In the year 5358, Nefarious had constructed his own special Zoni vessel in his base on Zanifar in order to capture Orvus.

In the year 5360, Ratchet was given permission from the Fongoids to enter the temple and retrieve the vessel for use. He used it to collect Zoni in his exploits against Nefarious [2]


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