Zoni alphabet

The Zoni alphabet

Zoni was a language with its unique alphabet, which was used by the Zoni. It was a full alphabet (had all the letters in the English language) as well as numbers 0 to 9. Many of the characters consisted of circular outlines and dots.

Alister Azimuth could have been seen typing into the keyboards at the Obsidian Eye in Lumos. Considering these were written in Zoni, this must mean he knows how to write and speak Zoni. This is not unlikely, seeing as he spent many years of research into the Zoni - evident by his home in Volgram Pass. Also, Nefarious at the Mnemonic station Alpha, was trying to hack into Clank's brain. The buttons he was pressing in the station consisted of Zoni characters.


Behind the scenes

  • The alphabet was decoded by taking the keyboards seen in the Obsidian Eye in Lumos and the keyboards in the computers in the Great Clock. The keys were alphabetised and each character was designated to its Latin script counterpart in alphabetical order.
  • The alphabet was created by an Insomniac artist, Colin Geller.[2]
  • The Zoni numeral is very similar to Maya numerals


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Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 Alister Azimuth and Nefarious can be seen typing in the Zoni language keyboards in the Zoni temple at Lumos and screens in the Great Clock, respectively.

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