Ratchet su Z3000

Ratchet on the Hoverboard


The Hoverboard Z3000

The Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard was a Hoverboard that performed too well in Hoverboard races to be store-bought. It was equipped with an extra speed booster so that when energy was absorbed from a green target the rider could speed up for a short amount of time.

Gadgetron produced a series of Gadgetron boards, but the Z3000 was the best. Only pros or big sponsors of Gadgetron - such as Skid McMarx - were able to obtain the Z3000. Each hoverboard was thoroughly tested on Kalebo III. Hoverboards seemed to be the biggest gadget agency because of the ability to race and perform tricks. The Z3000, although slower without speed boosts, seemed to be the only one that could absorb energy form the green targets on the track. It also seemed to make the user more agile. Ratchet could perform amazing tricks that other racers could not. (With the Platinum Zoomerator these tricks were converted into extra boost to make Ratchet go faster.) The name of the hoverboards the other racers used is unknown.

Later in the series, another type of board was announced called the Skyboard and was used to race with and win prizes in Size Matters. This event seemed to eclipse the hoverboard completely, leaving it a cancelled series of gadgets.

Skid McMarx gave one to Ratchet after he helped him get rid of all the Sandsharks surrounding him on planet Aridia. Ratchet used it to win the Hoverboard race on Kalebo III which allowed him to acquire the Hologuise. On Kalebo III Ratchet was considered the new face for Gadgetron hoverboarding.

Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard descriptions

Ratchet & Clank in-game

You're looking at a Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard manufactured by Gadgetron. You can use it in races held throughout the galaxy. The hoverboard automatically equips as soon as you step foot onto an Official Gadgetron Hover Track.

When racing, use X to jump. You can perform tricks by jumping and pressing combinations of R1, R2, L1, and L2. Try using the left analogue stick to spin while in the air as well.

Find a Zoomerator to convert those tricks to turbo!



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