Planet Yeedil was home of the MegaCorp Headquarters. It was here were Qwark had his base for operations. All sorts of new products came from the supply lines here, from household items to massively powerful weapons and gadgets. MegaCorp's use of the planet had a lasting effect on the environment: the skies were full of brown and black clouds and smoke, and the planet possessed very little vegetation and few rivers. As MegaCorp's largest center of industry, Yeedil was very heavily-defended.


Megacorp HQ

The MegaCorp Headquarters

Formerly, Gadgetron was the top seller of weapons and gadgets throughout the Bogon Galaxy. Following the rise of MegaCorp and its establishment on planet Yeedil and other locations across the galaxy, competitors such as Gadgetron were virtually eliminated from the galaxy.

Yeedil serves as MegaCorp's capital world, and the vast majority of MegaCorp goods are produced at the MegaCorp Headquarters, whether is be weapons, gadgets, robots or even toasters. Because of its importance, vast numbers of MegaCorp forces guard the planet while orbital defenses make landfall for unregistered ships nearly impossible.

Later, during MegaCorp's Protopet crisis, Ratchet and Clank arrived on Yeedil, only to discover that the perpetrator behind the crisis was Qwark. When Qwark's meddling grossly mutated the Protopet, the duo were tested to their limits battling the monstrosity.

Characters on Yeedil

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  • According to the Galactic Map, Yeedil was the biggest planet in the Bogon Galaxy
  • Since Yeedil is in the centre of the Bogon Galaxy, it is possible that Yeedil was once a black hole as most black holes are found at the centre of the galaxy they occupy, that would explain its size and lack of vegetation. This is supported in DL/GL as many planets that look like Yeedil appear in the black hole region near the Valix Belt lighthouse.
  • When looking at Yeedil, it looks like it has continents close to each other.
  • Yeedil was the last level of the game.
  • Yeedil's music (Outside) is later used in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal's Multiplayer.
  • A Clank segment that included use of the Lifter Bot was supposed to be in the level, but was cut due to time constraints. [citation needed]
  • There appear to be differences in defense and appearance between the MegaCorp HQ and the Gadgetron HQ. (This may be a reason Gadgetron lost business in the Bogon galaxy)