Wendall Lumos

Wendall Lumos, mostly referred to as the Gadgetron CEO, was the chief executive officer of the Gadgetron Corporation, the main and largest gadget and weaponry supplier in the Solana Galaxy. He ran the Gadgetron HQ site on Kalebo III where his office was also stationed.


Wendel-lumos-ratchet-and-clank-2016-47 4

Lumos in his office at the Gadgetron Site

He was first seen on Aridia in an image from Skid McMarx's Infobot message to his uncle along with multiple clones of himself on which Skid referred to as his Gadgetron sponsers.

Later on Kalebo, after fending off Drek's troops, Ratchet & Clank make their way to the office of Wendall Lumos, whom they need a Gadgetron Hologuise from to infilatrate the Deplanetizer. Lumos told the two that a protype is the grand prize of the Kalebo III hoverboard race. Ratchet raced and successfully won the Hologuise.

Lumos thanked the two for the publicity and encouraged them to share their thoughts of the Hologuise on the "social medias," which he concludes with saying "hashtag Gadgetron."


Artwork Character Lumos

Wendall Lumos concept art

  • In the original game, the CEO was not worried about the Blarg invasion, telling Ratchet, "Our defenses are the best money can buy; do not give it another thought." In the re-imagined game, however, Lumos was extremely grateful for the assistance of the Galactic Rangers.



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