The final battle between Ratchet and the Warship

The Warship was a ship Ratchet and Clank fought on planet Daxx while exploring the docks.[1] It had the ability to create a wormhole, through which it could warp from one place to another. When first encountered, it attempted to assassinate Ratchet by breaking the tiles he was standing on with its missiles, only disappearing when he reached a "safe" area then re-appearing again when he continued.


The Warship had a fair few attacks. First it had the ability to disappear momentarily through its wormhole ability which made it temporarily invulnerable, but also rendered it unable to fire back. It becomes susceptable to attack the moment it reappears, so use the time to switch to a more powerful weapon or fire at it before it fires back. Second, it fired missiles which aimed at Ratchet's exact location telegraped with a marker, so that they were relatively easy to avoid; these missiles had the ability to break hexagonal tiles. And finally, dual laser cannons which it utilised in one of two ways; a single one in a sweep movement, or both closing in to make an X shape.



Notes and references

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