Warp Pad RC3
It's called a Warp Pad. Great for running away. Here, I got an extra one.
―A Galactic Ranger, giving Ratchet a Warp Pad  [UYA]

The Warp Pad was a gadget given to Ratchet and Clank by the Galactic Rangers after Ratchet assisted them on Planet Aridia with Operation: DEATH VALLEY.

It allowed Ratchet to set Warp Pads down on Warp points and then teleport back to them whenever convenient.

At Qwark's Hideout Ratchet had to use the Warp Pad to access an elevator, and a second time to get past a forcefield. However, the Warp Pad was not necessary to get past the forcefield, as the Charge Boots allowed Ratchet to zoom past it before it reappeared.

Behind the scenes

  • The Warp Pad is only used twice in the entire game, both times in Qwark's Hideout, and one of those times it is possible to avoid using the Warp Pad by using the Charge Boots instead but only if found on Planet Daxx.


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