Shoots multiple rockets at once.Even more if it's uopgraded, which, let's be honest, is kind of overkill.
Holocard Description  [R&C (PS4)]

The Warmonger is a powerful revolving rocket launcher manufactured by Gadgetron. It was a choice weapon of the Galactic Rangers.

Raritanium Weapon Upgrades

  • Holocards: Increases holocard drop rates by 4% per upgrade when defeating enemies. 14 of them in total.
  • Impact Damage: Increases damage by 10% per upgrade when the rocket directly hits enemy. 10 of them in total.
  • Area of Effect: Increases blast radius by 10% per upgrade. 14 of them in total.
  • Rate of Fire: Decreases the time interval between each shots by 28.5% per upgrade. 8 of them in total.

Raritanium Mystery Upgrades

  • Microrocket Expansion x2 (left,right): Releases an additional rocket per upgrade when the directly fired rocket blows up.
  • Heavy Bearings (bottom): Increased ammo capacity.
  • Thermal Targeting (Top): Automatically targets enemies without the need to aim.


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