Warbot Army

Drek Industries` Warbot army.

Warbots were robots created by Nefarious which were programmed to destroy the Galactic Rangers. The warbots' armour were made of Raritanium alloy. There were two types of basic warbots: the blue ones who appeared in most locations and the red ones that only appeared during the Blarg invasion of Kerwan.

Standard Warbots


A normal Warbot.

The normal blue Warbots were found in most of the levels. They had blasters which dealt small amounts of damage. Some also utilized Jetpacks, allowing them to attack from above. Basic Warbots are first found on Veldin.

Invasion Warbots

Kerwan invasion Warbot

A Warbot, created to invade Kerwan

A special red variant of Warbots were used for the invasion of Aleero City, dropped off by, and later used to destroy the Dreadship. These elite Bots carried Combusters.

They attempted to destroy the Galactic Rangers, but were stopped by Ratchet and Clank, who picked them up using a Mag-Booster and sent them crashing into the Dreadship, blowing it into pieces.

Known Warbots

  • Clank (defect)
    Artwork Weapon Warbot Blaster

    The blasters used by Standard Warbots.

  • Frank


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