For the DreadZone robots, see Omega Series Warbot.
Warbot (Artemis Government)

A Warbot, used by the Artemis Government's military

Warbots were a type of robot which was built for combat.



Cronk, a Warbot with the rank of Chief Admiral

Warbots were built strictly for combat purposes. Artemis Zogg's warbots were programmed to attack those they recognized as a threat. This may apply to all warbots, as in Tools of Destruction Cronk and Zephyr attacked Ratchet on sight.


Other than the regular Warbots like Cronk and Zephyr, there were two specific types of Warbot shown in the series. The first were the Omega Series Warbots (like Shellshock), and the second were the mas produced Collector Minions utilized by the Loki and engineered by the Tharpod Nevo Binklemeyer.

Related robot models

Other robots were built for combat and war purposes, but were never actually referred to as "Warbots" in-game, notable combat built robots included the Blarg Paratroopers, Scoutbots, and Soldier Bots to name a few.

Additionally a similaraly purposed type of robot called a "Combat Bot" existed.


Artemis Zogg office meeting

Artemis Zogg meeting Ratchet and Clank while his warbots stand in the background

Warbots fought in Solana during the Obani Moon War. Most notable was the Omega Series Warbot.

Artemis Zogg also had a group of warbots during his reign while capturing planets.

Known Warbots


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