The Vullard League of Celestial Oddities was an astronomical research organization staffed by Vullards. Ratchet extracted an isotope sample from a comet's core to help the League to create a new form of energy. The Vullard group works on making powerful sources of energy out of materials found in nature. Just like the isotope that has a different neutron structure than other atoms.

If one were a member of this society they would meet and discuss new projects for Vullard industrial needs. Most of the sources of energy were probably used to export more junk. This league was also used to support more trade business for the Vullards throughout the galaxy. Since the Vullards do not appear to have a government system, the League of Celestial Oddities plays a big part in their economic promotion. The League only seemed to stretch around the biggest part of Vullard junk export on Molonoth Fields, but smaller connections with other sectors were unknown.


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