Vulcan Turrets are a Tyhrranoid anti-vehicular/anti-infantry automated missile launcher type enemies, somewhat similar to Tyhrranoid Missile Station on Korgon Base. When not in use, they typically hide within their node-like structure, but when active or on alert, their turret is above the ground. If it detects Ratchet, it will lob a missile towards him; Ratchet must either backflip or flip to the side to dodge their missile, or he will suffer serious damage. If Ratchet is driving the Turboslider, its near-impossible to dodge a Vulcan Turret's missile; therefore, one should be wary of areas containing Vulcan Turrets when driving. Flying in Hovership, Vulcan Turrets are generally less threatening when compared to encounters on foot or within the cockpit of a Turboslider. The Hovership can easily outrun the turret's missiles or destroy them with its rockets. However, when flying the Hovership, Vulcan Turrets typically located near other Vulcan Turrets or other types of Tyhrranoid foes, making them dangerous if distracted.

Vulcan Turrets also appear in multiplayer, where they typically found either guarding some Bases and/or Nodes They will ignore enemy players if they are foot, but will attack enemy Turbosliders and Hoverships on sight, and its essentially impossible dodge their missiles when in vehicles.


  • This is much likely the "Rocket Turret" noted in the Snowbeast Award as the worst programmed thing of the game. The explanation for this was that these turrets' attacks are unpredictable and difficult to dodge.