The Vukovar Tribesman were a sapient species that settled on planet Barlow, and close relatives to another species that settled Joba, the Joba Tribesman (species).


When the Gadgetron Corporation was outcompeted by MegaCorp in the Bogon Galaxy, Gadgetron abandoned their site on Vukovar Canyon. Gadgetron; however, left much behind, which attracted a nomadic sapient species, who settled on the planet. The species was referred to as Vukovar Tribesman, after the Vukovar Canyon in which many members of species was located at. The Vukovar was able to obtain large amounts of abandoned Gadgetron weapons, which they used to attack any offworlders. The Vukovar Tribesman also domesticated the formerly calm and peaceful Barlowian Saur-Beast into aggressive warbeasts for use as transportation.

The species also traded with their relatives on Joba. When the Vukovar Tirbesmen domesticated the Barlowian Saur-Beast, they sent several to Joba for usage by the Joba Tribesmen, which later evolved into the Jobian Saur-Beast.


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