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The Vukovar Tribesmen were deadly enemies that were first encountered on Barlow in Vukovar Canyon.


The Tribesmen usually ran towards their opponent, and slowed down when close, to go more carefully ahead, with their shields held in a defensive position, and their sword ready to strike. If Ratchet stroke them with his wrench, they would block the attack (still taking damage, though, and if hit enough times, the shield would break), and immedeatly counterstrike him. Other attacks include simple swinging with their sword. One of their best tactics were group attacks. If in such a group, they would try to surround Ratchet, and reach out for him with their swords. Some of them also rode Barlowian Saur-Beasts, and sniped Ratchet from it with a heavy laser gun. They could be knocked off the Beast, but that would make them more angry, and the Beasts would eventually charge Ratchet, along with the one knocked of their back, roaring angrily.


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