Electrobot in game


Voltanoids were insanely powerful Thugs-4-Less warbots used for both defense and assault operations. The Voltanoid attacked with a gun that would spray electricity, and defended itself from counterattacks with a large plasma shield.

A lone Voltanoid guarded the Meero Orphanage in the Meero Ruins of planet Yerek, while another was deployed to the Relay Station in Weeblesnog City on planet Silox.

A stronger variant named Blazebot appeared on Destructapalooza on planet Kragg, which shot flames rather than bolts of electricity.

Notable Voltanoids

Skill Point

The Skill point Voltanoid Ninja could be obtained by defeating one of these bosses with nothing but the OmniWrench (this included the Blazebot as well).


  • The Voltanoid was a palette swap of Blazebot, and had an identical head and body to the Scorch Minions, suggesting some relation.


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