Vulton Ivy

Voltan Ivy in Vogal Caves

Voltan Ivy is plant-like organism that resembles a tangle of purple vines. They are commonly situated blocking passages and rooms. According to Alister Azimuth, they are impervious to every munition in the known universe, rendering them invincible to Ratchet's firepower. The only way to make the vines retreat and clear the passage is to "scare them." This can be done by firing a glob of Breegus nectar on the vines, which cause any nearby Tetramite swarms to jump and attack them.


  • Voltan Ivy appear to be more than just a simple plant as they made a deep roar-like sound when they are attacked by swarms of Tetramites.
  • It is quite understandable how the Tetramites can scare the Voltan Ivy, as Tetramites were near-indestructible, & hundreds of them came out at one time.