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Volgram Pass was where Ratchet was heading to in Torren IV.The Pass was once inhabited by Fongoids that lived on a volcano that the pass curved around.When the Fongoids deserted it,Vullards began to export junk for their collections.It was guarded by the Guardian, a huge metal robot. Ratchet had to help the Vullards get the Hollow back up and running (because the Battery Bots were on strike, as usual) to reach Volgram Pass. Also a Vullard standing around in the Guardian robot added to the conversation that no Vullards ever went to the other side of the pass where a rebel lived in a broken down mining bot. Most of the scenery around Volgram pass was machines pounding and compressing junk which then dropped off into the lava. One of the biggest Vullard settlements seen so far,Volgram Pass was said to be slightly illegal. The Vullards liked to keep their pass away from the prying eyes of galactic authorities. Although, no one really knows why it is illegal, it's just junk after all.