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The Visi-Copter was a radio-controlled helicopter that Ratchet could use to attack enemies without having to move. Movement was controlled with the SIXAXIS. Holding Template:Icon made the Visi-Copter ascend while holding Template:Icon made it descend. Pressing Template:Icon made the Visi-Copter fire fusion rockets. The player made the Visi-Copter self-destruct by pressing Template:Icon. The Visi-Copter uncontrollably descended if it hovered over a cliff or a large expanse of water and explodes if it touched the water or fell too low. The Visi-Copter also blew up if it sustained enough damage from enemies (who attacked the Visi-Copter at notice).

Ammunition capacity: 3 capsules.

When enemies attacked the Visi-Copter, Ratchet will not sustain any damage. It also blew up if went to far away from ratchet, similar to the visi-bomb gun. There is also a similar glitch to the razor claws, when you turn the back of the Visi-Copter to the wall and shot repeatedly shot it would go higher.


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