Victor Von Ion

Victor Von Ion, the Warbot lieutenant, was the commander of the forces of Drek Industries.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

Victor trained the Blargian mercenaries utilized by Drek for several months to prepare them for the plan to take down the rangers.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Victor Von Ion appear as a tertiary antagonist in Ratchet & Clank.


Victor goes with Drek to visit Nefarious so that they can check to see how the development of the Warbots is going, when a defect is sighted Drek has Victor hunt him down, Victor chases Clank throughout the robot factory - with Clank using his weakness to water to stall him, but the diminutive warbot escapes in a ship, although Victor damages its engines with a shot from his Negotiator.


Victor, ready for combat

Victor during the attack of the Hall of Heroes

Later when the Galactic Rangers launch their first attack on the Deplanetizer, Drek sends Victor to destroy them with his best death ship. However, Ratchet manages to take the death ship down. Victor escapes using his jetpack just as the ship explodes, and in anger at his best death ship being destroyed, boards The Phoenix. The warbot then chases Clank once again, while also trying to destroy the Phoenix. However, his final attempt to destroy Clank ends in his own demise, as Clank activates the sprinkler system, giving Victor no where to run from his weakness to water - causing him to malfunction and be destroyed.

A memorial is later set up for him aboard the Deplanetiser.

Ratchet & Clank (2016 movie)


Victor Von Ion (re-imagined)

Victor using the Negotiator

Victor Von Ion served as Drek`s bodyguard. He is first seen when he punishes Stanley by forcing him to call his mother, then eating the phone when she answers.

The Defect

Victor accompanies Drek to a factory in Skorg City on Quartu to oversee the creation of Warbots. The factory is struck by lightning and a defect, Clank, is created. Drek and Nefarious order Victor to capture the defect before he alerts the Galactic Rangers of their plans to invade Aleero City.

Clank used the vents to escape and took off in an escape pod. Victor was able to shoot down the pod with a Negotiator, and the pod crashed on Veldin.


Victor later led the warbot invasion on Aleero City. The Warbots outnumbered the Rangers, and were about to finish them when Ratchet and Clank arrived in Mr. Micron's ship and used a mag-booster to pick up the Warbots and fired them at the Mothership, destroying it. Victor was able to escape in an air taxi.

Showdown on the Deplanitiser

Victor, hunting Clank

Victor, hunting Clank

When the Rangers attacked the Deplanitizer, Victor broke into the Starship Phoenix to find Clank. He fought Elaris and Clank, and chased Clank around the ship. The defect found a Thundersmack and used it to create a massive storm cloud. Victor, despite his weakness, still attacked Clank but was rusted up by the water.

Victor's Death (Victor Von Rost)

Victor rusted, is defeated by Clank

A memorial is later set up for him aboard the Deplanetiser. However, during the funeral, all of the Blarg invited play on their phones, much to the dismay of Drek who ejects them out of the airlock.

Character Details

Powers, abilities, and weapons

Victor's favored weapons were his Negotiator rocket launcher, a wrist energy beam, and a built in pair of Razor Claws, although their color and size more closely resembled the Razor Talons. He was also a proficient pilot with his death ship. However, he had one massive weakness, water was capable of damaging him, and if it went inside him it would short circuit and destroy him.

He is also quite fast as he was able to escape from an exploding space ship to the star ship phoenix in mere seconds.

Behind the scenes

In the Ratchet & Clank movie, he is voiced by Academy Award-nominated actor Sylvester Stallone. In the game, he is voiced by Mark Silverman. His original counterpart, the Robot Lieutenant, was voiced by Neil Flynn.


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