The Versa-Wrench Striker features an outer shell carved from Sarothosian Leviathan scale, while the core of the wrench consists of magnetized iridium alloy. This model offers the highest impact power in the Versa-Wrench line and was once the preferred melee weapon of Captain Starshield.
―Vox Industries wrench description  [Deadlocked]

The Versa-Wrench Striker was a wrench by Vox. It was Ratchet's third wrench in Deadlocked. You were able to buy it from any vendor. Captain Starshield liked it. The wrench cost 24,000 bolts. All Versa-Wrenches looked exactly the same.

It replaces the Versa-Wrench Multicore. It upgrades to the Fission Lance.

Through the in-game unlockable cheat "Super Morphing Freeze Wrench," the wrench could freeze enemies, like the Freeze mod, and morph them into farm animals when defeated, like the Morphing mod.

Its appearance is almost identical to the OmniWrench 12000.

Behind the scenes


An early Version of the Versa-Wrench Striker

In early versions of the game this wrench, along with 3 others, was to use a different model instead of the one it has now. this can be seen in the image to the right.


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