The Versa-Wrench Lite is a cheap but reliable member of Vox Industries' acclaimed line of melee-weapon household tools. This model offers a nano-fiber mesh grip that is just right for the novice combatant. However, more experienced competitors will find this model's striking power insufficient for heavy combat.
―Vox Industries wrench description  [Deadlocked]

Versa-Wrench Lite was a wrench created by Vox Industries. It was Ratchet's first wrench in Deadlocked. He received it with the Marauder Armor that Al built for him. You could obtain several upgrades to make it more powerful. Once upgraded to the Fission Lance it began producing flames. You could not take the flames off. It seems each upgraded wrench deals double the damage from the previous wrench.

It upgrades to the Versa-Wrench Multicore.

Through the in-game unlockable cheat "Super Morphing Freeze Wrench," the wrench could freeze enemies, like the Freeze mod, and morph them into farm animals when defeated, like the Morphing mod.

It was an identical to the OmniWrench 12000, and was just Vox Industries' version of it.


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