Veldin is a desert planet with vast rocky terrains. It is the homeworld of Ratchet, a young Lombax mechanic raised by Grimroth Razz, who moved from the Polaris Galaxy to the Solana Galaxy to start a new life running a repair business with Ratchet as his student and assistant. On Kyzil Plateau, Grimroth owned a large workshop which was not too far from the fair grounds in which the Galactic Rangers held tryouts to recruit a new ranger which drew in huge tourism on Veldin.

Ratchet is, presumably, the last of his kind and was abandoned by his biological parents for unknown reasons but was soon taken in by Grimroth Razz, a mechanic from the Polaris Galaxy. He raises Ratchet on Veldin in the Solana Galaxy, teaching him to become a mechanic. Ratchet proved to be a gifted mechanic but longs to do more; he dreams of joining the Galactic Rangers, a unit of heroes who go on dangerous adventures to protect the galaxy. One day, Ratchet gets news that the Galactic Rangers were holding tryouts for a new recruit on Veldin. He tried sneaking out but was caught by Grim, who told Ratchet that he could not leave until he repaired a ship for Mr. Micron. After doing so, Grim let him go and wished him luck. Ratchet was successful in the tryouts but was rejected by Captain Qwark, the Galactic Rangers leader, for his bad record. Later, at night, Ratchet, depressed, sad, and hopeless, discovered a defect Warbot crashlanding on the Plateau. The warbot warned Ratchet that an army is coming to attack Aleero City. Ratchet calmed the robot and told him that he needed to be repaired first, back at the garage. The two formed an alliance. The warbot defect, whose full name was "Warbot Defect B54296," was named "Clank" for short, by Ratchet. Making their way back to the garage, Ratchet and Clank fought their way through a vicious race called the Blarg, who were swarming the Plateau in search of the warbot defect, Clank. When they made it back to the garage, Ratchet successfully repaired Clank. Ratchet lied to Clank, claiming that he could help, because he was a friend of the Galactic Rangers. Clank accepted and the two attempted to head off to the city on Kerwan.

Kyzil Plateau


The Phoenix on Veldin

Points of Intrest

  • Grim's workshop
  • The Fair Grounds

Characters on Veldin


Differences between original


  • The game started out with Ratchet in the garage instead of outside it.
  • The game began before Clank was even ejected into space.
  • The ship Ratchet first uses belonged to a customer named Mr. Micron instead of using his own home made ship.
  • Checking out the ship was a small segment as well as camera control tutorial.
  • A new part of the story was added where Ratchet tries out for the Galactic Rangers, which included a new obstacle course.
  • Instead of Ratchet going over to Clank's wrecked ship, the mission was to get Clank back to Ratchet's garage during the nighttime.


  • What was Ratchet's garage is now much larger and is a business ran by his adoptive father, Grimroth.
  • The stage had two different paths.
  • Due to the different mission, the direction of the original path went backwards.
  • Blarg Troopers, Mechs, Dropships, and Gadgetron Test Dummies were new enemies.
  • Veldin could be re-visited after finishing the stage, when originally it could not be accessed again until the end of the game.
  • A teleporter to the Insomniac Museum can be found in the garage in Challenge Mode.