Vartax Detention Facility

The Vartax Detention Facility, also known as Vartax Detention Center, was a prison in Artemis Galaxy, where various inmates were kept. The facility was run by Warden Klink, until jailbreak, and after that, Artemis Zogg commanded that he would be thrown out of the airlock.

Vendra Prog was give a record breaking quintuple life sentence for violently assaulting Pollyx Industries and kidnapped CEO Pollyx.[1] She escaped on-route to the Vartax Detention Facility.[2]


Inmates were often being tortured using a method called Jargonian needle torture.

When Glahm was being taken to the sector nine airlock, with Ratchet, after a physical altercation in the hall, he suggested Jargonian needle torture as an alternative punishment.[3]

Known inmates



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