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The Valix Asteroid Belt is a group of asteroids in the Shadow Sector. It is located right next a massive Black Hole.


Long ago, before the location was part of the Shadow Sector, the early colonists tried to mine valuable metals from the Valix Asteroid Belt. For a time, their facility was an impressive feat of engineering, with dozens of asteroids tethered together into a single interconnected whole, and a lighthouse that shone brighter than the billions of stars around it. Soon, the facility morphed from a simple mining colony into an lighthouse station, which allowed millions of spaceships to begin traveling around the asteroid field without crashing into the asteroids. The facilities' new role in intergalactic travel throughout the Shadow Sector was not lost to those that owned the asteroid belt and thus, they set up the Valix Network Security Corp to prevent the destruction of the lighthouse by troublemakers.

Unfortunately, the Valix Asteroid Belt was later sold to Gleeman Vox, who used the asteroid field as a deadly deathcourse for his holovision show DreadZone. To raise up ratings, Vox shut down the lighthouse, which would cause millions of ships to blindly crash into the asteroids, leading to the deaths of thousands. Luckily, Team Darkstar managed to defeat the DreadZone warriors, and reactivate the lighthouse as part of their deathcourse mission, saving thousands of interstellar travelers.

Valix Belt

Concept art of the Valix Asteroid Belt


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