Vac-U 4000

Ratchet's Vac-U

The Vac-U 4000, commonly shorted to the Vac-U, was a gadget in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.[1] It was used to suck up objects, other playable characters, or enemies. It was often used to suck up other playable characters, and then shoot them out to reach the other side of a gap and activate a button to draw a bridge so the whole team could get to the next part of a level. The Vac-U could also be used to suck up Voltergeists and shoot them out into a socket to extend a bridge or open a door. The Vac-U could also be used to shoot other players into the air for a stomp.

Vac-U 4000 Nefarious

Nefarious's Vac-U

The Vac-U bore resemblance to the Suck Cannon. Furthermore, it could be used in a similar manner; however, only one enemy could be sucked in and shot out at a time, albeit larger ones at that.

The Vac-U was also used to suck in critters all around planet Magnus. 50 different species of critters were needed to unlock the RYNO VI Protosuit.


After a character is in the barrel, a trajectory line appears. If the line is blue, it means it is in the correct direction and position to take the character to the other side. If it is red, shooting the character out is disabled.

Gadget summaries

Use some super-charged suction power to smash open crates and objects… or suck your friends straight into your VAC-U gun and shoot them back out again as projectiles.
―Instruction Manual Description  [A4O]


  • The use of the name "Vac-U" probably refers to the fact that the gadget can be used to vacuum other players, or vacuum you.
  • The Vac-U uses Zepto-Shrink technology designed for Ephemeris to store numerous critters.
  • A feature from the game was cut that if two characters equipped the Vac-U and sucked up an Elasta-Shock, anything between the two characters would be destroyed by a laser wire that connects the Vac-U's together.
  • The Vac-U is a great way to destroy crates with ease. The plasmabomb launcher also can do this


Notes and references

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