Urban Combat was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: URBAN STORM on Kerwan. The bomb threat was over but the Tyhrranoids still controlled most of Metropolis. The Rangers prepared a counterattack to drive the invaders out, but first, they needed a foothold in the city. In this mission, Ratchet had to skydive in and help a Ranger troop defending against attacking waves of Tyhrranoids coming from a tower and another island in the city center. The reward for completing this mission was 35,000 bolts (140,000 in Challenge Mode).


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You start this mission dropping out of a ship and you need to dodge missiles on your way to the ground. Once you arrive, there will be four Rangers in defensive positions, two covering each way to the island you are in. Even if they try to help you with the enemies, you will have to attend to avoid that all four are killed. Waves of enemies will start to attack you from both ways, so use powerful weapons to kill them before they attack the Rangers. Later some Tyhrranoid Dropships will join and drop even more enemies. You can back yourself up with the Agents of Doom.