Size Matters logo Upgrader crates are crates that upgrade your weapons in the multiplayer mode of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. There are three upgrader crates on every map. One of them is a V2 crate that is usually in the middle of the map and the other two are mod crates.

Mod crates

The mod crates are orange boxes with a design of what appears to be a weapon on all of its sides. Each weapon has 1-3 different mods but unlike the weapon mods in Ratchet: Deadlocked, each weapon has its own unique mods. Mod crates respawn in a few minutes after being broken and absorbed and there are about two of them on every map. For example, the mod for the Lacerator is the Double Barrel-mod.

V2 crates

The V2 crates are yellow boxes that resemble a die . Attaining a V2 crate would upgrade your weapon to the next level and attaining another one for the same weapon would upgrade your weapon to V3 or it's strongest level. For example, the Lacerator V2 would upgrade to the Dual Lacerators.

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