The Unnamed Qwark vid-comic, was a vid-comic that was cut from the released game, most likely a beta version of Shadow of the Robot It was playable in the Insomniac museum, along with the older version of Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder.


The vid-comic seemed to be a beta version of the Shadow of the Robot vid-comic, as it had Qwark fighting through a robot factory that resembled Nefarious's lair on planet Magmos, and enemies from Shadow of the Robot also appeared in it. Instead thereof being in Nefarious's lair, it was in the lair of a Cyber-Eye, and instead thereof being on planet Magmos it seemed to be on an aquatic planet like Aquatos or Rilgar.


Insomniac stated that it had been cut from the game, as it was made too early on, and would not fit in with the game's original storyline they had expected. It also had different graphics, most notably having blurry and low quality, and some of the aspects were also changed. Insomniac stated they tried a lot of ideas in the level and, while some made it into the final levels, other ideas just didn't really work and were never used. One obstacle in the level was jumping up descending platforms, much like the platforms at the end of Arriba Amoeba. Other mechanics such as electric turrets firing at Qwark and a boss that could only be attacked from behind which is the Insectoid Queen didn't make it into the game. Only 88 Qwark tokens could be collected on the level