This hero not only lives on the edge, but gallops over it. Unicop, coming to a theater near you.
―Unicop advert on Space Radio.  [ACiT]

Unicop was a film and TV show starring Qwark.[1] In the film Qwark was half unicorn and half cop; a unicop. By All 4 One, It appeared that it had been made into a TV show. Unicop is first mentioned on Space Radio. Cronk, Zephyr and two Protoguards patrolling on Zanifar mention they watch the show.




  • Unicop is a parody of the Robocop movies. Robocop is about a cop who's body contains both human and robot parts after an attack by mobsters, Unicop is just about the same, except he has unicorn parts instead of robot parts.
  • The movie was said to be released "this summer." However, the advertisement played on the Space Radio. Since the seasons all depend on one's position on the planet, it is unclear what the advertisement meant by "this summer."


Notes and references

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