Underwater Base on planet Hydrano was Klunk's secret base. It was Klunk's base for operations. It was where he controlled the whole operation of stealing the Eye of Infinity. The base was heavily guarded by Merc Divers, Sludge Slinders, and Megaliths. Security Turrets were also in various spots around the base. Besides the Merc Divers, Megaliths, Sludge Slinders, and Security Turrets, the Underwater Base was also heavily defended by mines floating in the various pools around the base. The corridors of the base were also guarded by fish with lanterns on them, anyone who crossed the light the lantern illuminated the fish would ram the wall of the corridors, alerting any guards in the area. Mines were also placed right outside the corridors serving a similar purpose to the lantern fish, but when anyone stepped into the light made by the mine, the mine would explode, which would fill into the corridor drowning whoever was caught in it. Laser traps were also in place in the corridors, so anyone who cut through a wire would activate a gas trap. A submarine was needed to enter the base.


Main Bulkhead LockEdit

Main Bulkhead Lock was an area in the Underwater Base on Hydrano. The Agency Gadgebots explored there so Clank could enter the Super Secret Base.

Super Secret BaseEdit

The Super Secret Base was the most secret and highly secured area in the Underwater Base. Clank needed to explore there in order to find Klunk's Lair.

Klunk's Villainous LairEdit

Klunk's Villainous Lair was located in the Underwater Base on planet Hydrano. It was where Klunk operated his mission to frame Ratchet for stealing the Eye of Infinity. Klunk used his stealth moves and his three robot suits, the Kingpin, Robo-Nefarious, and Robo-Ratchet to battle Clank.