Under the Gun was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: IRON SHIELD on planet Marcadia. Despite fending off the Tyhrranoid air attack in Turret Command, the turret suffered enough damage therefor to be rendered inoperable. Ratchet and the leftover Rangers had to protect the 3-man repair crew providing covering fire for 2 minutes, as the Thyrranoids focused their fire on them. After holding the enemies off enough time, the Rangers could get the turret operational again. The reward for completing this mission was 7500 bolts.


As your target is killing the enemies before they are able to attack the repair troop, the recommended weapons that you could purchased at this time to complete this mission more easily are long-range weapons like the N60 Storm. You can use the Nitro Launcher or the Spitting Hydra to kill groups of tougher foes that attempt to attack the repair troop. Using the Infector on an enemy so that it attacks the others instead of the repair troop is also a good idea.