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The Solana Galaxy was the Galaxy which Ratchet and Clank had explored the most, with over more than 60 known planets and locations, many of which were located in the Quadrant. Being his home galaxy, this was where Ratchet started his adventures when he and Clank saved countless planets from being completely destroyed by Supreme Executive Chairman Drek.

In the beginning events of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, they were interviewed with Behind the Hero in Ratchet's garage after Drek's defeat with their new celebrity status when the MegaCorp CEO teleported them to the Bogon Galaxy for a mission.

During Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, the Solana Galaxy was ravaged by the Bio-Bliterator, thanks to Dr Nefarious and many of the inhabitants were turned into robots. In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet, Clank and Big Al were taken to the darkest part of the Solana Galaxy known as the Shadow Sector.

In Size Matters, they explored new planets which were not seen in the previous games as well as Pokitaru, a planet from the first game. Known cities included Gorda City of Oltanis, Blackwater City of Rilgar, the Technomite City of Challax, Capital City on Marcadia (which was the capital of the galaxy), and the largest of them all was Metropolis of Kerwan.

Solana had a diversity of different kinds of planets which all had their own unique environment which included swamps, jungles, cities, deserts, ice caps, oceans, tropical places, forests, mountains, tundras, volcanic regions, polluted regions, dark regions, snowy regions, and even junkyards.

The Galaxy was governed by the Galactic President, who resided in Capital City on Marcadia. The President was seemingly elected by the public. There existed also the Galactic Fleet and an organization known as the Galactic Rangers, who worked for the Galactic Government. In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, the Galactic Court ordered Qwark to pay 6 billion bolts to customers suffering from his Personal Hygienators. The Planets in Solana Galaxy appeared to be autonomous; some were ruled by a planetary chairman (Novalis, the Blarg) and some planets with major cities were governed by mayors and city governments (Kerwan, Rilgar). However, many planets were also owned by large companies such as Gadgetron, who was based on Kalebo III. The bolt foundry of the galaxy was located on Fort Sprocket. Not all planets were densely populated such as Kerwan, Marcadia, Oltanis, and other planets with large cities, e.g., planets such as Hoven, Quartu, Umbris, Veldin, and Aridia, along with most of the Shadow sector were lawless and remote and also a bit more dangerous for that matter.

Planet Metalis was the junk yard of the Galaxy where old robots and broken ships were often dumped.

On parts of some planets, it seemed as it was always nighttime. Outpost X11 on Aridia is one notable example.

The galaxy was home to the Solanian. They were found all over the galaxy, and there was no confirmed homeworld for them.

According to DreadZone commentator Juanita, Captain Starshield saved the galaxy from a robot ghost pirate invasion on the date G2.16.918.[1]

Ratchet lived here on the planet Veldin while Clank was born on Quartu after he was created on the Great Clock in the center of the universe.








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  • The Solana Galaxy is very close to the Polaris Galaxy, as Solana's Spaceship Graveyard is said to be close to Polaris' Planet Sargasso.[2]
  • Solana is a Spanish word for the sunny side of a mountain.

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