Cora: Well, at least he picked an empty planet this time. Clank: Yes. However, it is a volatile planet. It's core is made up of pure melluvium. Blowing it up will result in a chain reaction that will destroy the entire system.
Cora and Clank discussing Nefarious's plan to destroy the system under the Rangers' watch.  [R&C (movie)]

Umbris is a planet in the Solana Galaxy. The planet had a highly explosive core made of pure melluvium (tetragen in the game), which if destroyed would take out all of the planets in the galaxy along with it.

Ratchet & Clank


Nefarious transformed into a Robot on Umbris

The planet was a target suggested by Dr. Nefarious to Chairman Alonzo Drek though he really just wanted the whole galaxy to be destroyed under the Ranger's watch and for his own personal gain. Ratchet, Clank and the Rangers managed to tilt the Deplanetiser so it would miss it's target and instead ultimately destroy the new homeworld built by the Blarg, New Quartu. Nefarious along with the Deplanetiser had crashed landed onto the planet however Nefarious survives this and a group of repair bots find him under the wreckage where they proceed to repair him to his dismay.


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