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Umbris is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is a hot, dry, muddy planet that is home to Qwark's headquarters. Captain Qwark covered his headquarters in barbed wire fences, rapid fire machine gun turrets, and legions of killer robots, to defend it from outsiders. The headquarters also housed a Blargian Snagglebeast. Ratchet and Clank came to Umbris after Qwark initially invited them, claiming that if they proved themselves by overcoming the obstacles of his headquarters, he would join forces with them.


Qwark invited Ratchet and Clank to visit his headquarters after they visited him in his trailer on Rilgar to ask for his help. Qwark had claimed to have been impressed by their adventures, and wished to join forces with them to stop Chairman Drek, if they proved themselves on Umbris. However, once the two arrived, the challenges appeared more unnecessarily dangerous than advertised, and Qwark appeared aloof as to the danger.

When they successfully navigated through every obstacle, Qwark offered them to stop into the "ring of heroes", something Ratchet was suspicious of while Clank was eager. When Clank dragged Ratchet onto the "ring of heroes", Qwark simply released the trap door below them, causing them to fall into a pit with a Blargian Snagglebeast. At this point, Qwark revealed that he was Drek's highly paid spokesperson for his new planet and that he had lured Ratchet and Clank into a trap, and left Ratchet and Clank to die in the pit. The two instead defeated the Snagglebeast.

As they were stuck inside the pit, neither could reach their old courier ship. On their way out, they found an Infobot containing coordinates to planet Batalia, and an urgent transmission from a commando defending the world from the blarg. Clank wished to help the commando, though Ratchet refused and vowed vengeance on Qwark, attempting to pilot Qwark's tour shuttle off the planet. However, Ratchet could not fly the shuttle without a robotic ignition system from Clank, and Clank agreed only to start the ship if Ratchet agreed to help the commando. Ratchet reluctantly obliged and flew to Batalia.

When Captain Qwark was defeated by Ratchet and Clank later, his estate was seized by a bank. The estate was worth 850,970,000.99 bolts.[1]

Later, in Tools of Destruction, Ratchet remarked that his invention, "Stunderwear" (a pair of electro-shock undergarments), had been a huge seller on planet Umbris.


Qwark's headquarters from R&C (2002) screen 1

Umbris appears to be a mostly barren, dry planet filled with deserts. Qwark's headquarters is located on a few islands on top of water, with mostly dead trees, and minimal vegetation. The headquarters is a large building filled with several mines, traps, and deadly automated turrets that attack and kill intruders. The headquarters was also placed over a pit containing a Blargian Snagglebeast, which was filled with lava.

Behind the scenes

Qwark HQ Sketch

Concept art

Concept drawings for a production environment turned out to be fairly complicated. The platform gameplay of Ratchet & Clank platform gameplay required the level geometry to fit precise design metrics. As a result, many of Insomniac's early levels were visualized by an artist and game designer working closely together. John Fiorito collaborated with Mark Cerny on many of the levels. Mark would present a series of very detailed game mechanic and enemy setup diagrams and then John would arrange them into a coherent layout to fit a planet's theme, resulting in a lot of back and forth sketching before the level map was ready for production. In the map finished in the concept art, Mark's original pencil layout can be seen beneath John's ink drawing.

In early builds of the game, the planet was named "Destron", and Qwark's headquarters was instead named "Quark's base".[2]

Planets resembling Neptune and Saturn can be seen in the skybox of Umbris.



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