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Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid

The Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid was a more powerful version of the standard Mecha-Tyhrranoid. Although much more powerful, the Ultra Mecha-Tyrranoid was still the same size and still controlled by the same kind of Tyhrranoid. The Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid operated mech had the capability to fire laser beams from its arms with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to the extra firepower, the ultra mechs had faster rates of fire, making avoiding their lasers a tricky proposition. These mech were utilized by Dr. Nefarious on multiple occasions, because of their usefulness in battle. They were rarely used as security measure, but were much more commonly seen on the front lines fighting Galactic Rangers. They could also be deployed using Tyrranoid dropships.


  • Using the Refractor, Ratchet could deflect the Ultra Mecha-Tyrranoid's laser beams against them and other enemies.
  • If the Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid in a mech was about to fire the laser and the player destroyed the mech,the laser will still be fired.
  • Once the Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid's pilot became a Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid v2, the vehicle became much stronger, and then again became even more dangerous when piloted by a Two-Eyed Robonoid.
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