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The Ultra-Mech pad was a device that would transform Clank into Giant Clank. It was a circular pad that features a shiny glow emanating from the center.


It was first seen on Clank's homeworld of Quartu, where a scientist was tricked into creating it in order to produce Drek's Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds. After knowing this, he planned to destroy it. He allowed Clank and Ratchet to use it, that way Clank could become a huge mech and sabotage the other mechs. After the mechs were destroyed, instead of destroying the machine, the scientist decided to program all existing machines to enlarge only Clank. Several more Ultra-Mech pads were used again in later games.


In Secret Agent Clank, Qwark claimed to have used a "growth pad" that he modified to become giant and fight the Giant Robot Lizard.



Clank using the Ultra-Mech pad on Dobbo.