Ultra Mech Unlimited

An Ultra-Mech Unlimited, a purely robotic model of Ultra-Mech

Ultra-Mechs were huge robots created from normal size robots by Ultra-Mech Pads.


The first known uses of the Ultra-Mechs were those developed in the year 5354, starting with the Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds created by the Blarg, in Ratchet & Clank (2002 game), Clank transformed himself to Giant Ultra-Mech Clank in order to defeat the Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds and later the Drek's vehicle model Ultra-Mech.

Thug Leaders Ultra Mech

The Thug Leader's Ultra-Mech, a piloted vehicle model of Ultra-Mech

In Going Commando, Giant Clank fought the Thugs-4-Less Leader who piloted his own vehicle model Ultra-Mech.

In Up Your Arsenal, Giant Clank appears in the Secret Agent Clank Holo-Vid. Klunk also transforms into Giant Klunk, without needing an Ultra-Mech Pad, and confronts Ratchet.

Giant Clank also appeared in the PSP games: In Size Matters, Giant Clank flies through space and destroys the Technomite Ships, a Dream Giant Clank also appeared as a boss, and at the end of the game Giant Clank also fought Otto Destruct. In Secret Agent Clank, Giant Clank flies through the Quasar Fields in order to find Klunk.

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The Giganto-Mech developed by MegaCorp and the Thugs in the year 5355 was a more advanced variant of the Ultra-Mech.

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