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Home of the Tyhrranoids, Tyhrranosis was a desert world covered with fortresses and deep valleys. It was also home to the Mother Tyhrranoid. The planet's location was unknown to the galactic community until Ratchet and Clank working for the Q-Force were able find coordinates to the planet.

In Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet led the Galactic Rangers into battle against the Tyhrranoids stationed at the Korgon Base. They took heavy losses as they descended to the surface, but managed to destroy all of the anti-aircraft turrets and then moved on to take out the surrounding defense turrets. Ratchet then defeated the Momma Tyhrranoid. Later, an assault force led by Ratchet defeated the Tyhrranoid forces on Kavu Island, a remote military base.

The goal of the invasion of Tyhrranosis was to put a halt to the Tyhrranoid war effort, as they were employed by Nefarious. Although the invasion was an apparent success, the Tyhrranoids did not stop harassing the galaxy. Supposedly all of the Tyhrranoids seen after this battle were off-world forces.


Characters on Tyhrranosis


Bugs and Glitches

  • If first-person mode is selected in the options, destroying a turret generator while driving the Turbo Slider will cause you to drive in first person after the cut-scene. This feature will last until you leave the vehicle.


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