Am I glad to see you, sarge. We're pinned down by that enemy vehicle. Somebody's gotta take it out.
Galactic Ranger to Ratchet on Veldin, UYA
Tyhrranoid Attack Ship

The Tyhrranoid Attack Ships were large ships piloted by Two-eyed Tyhrranoids. They were only found on Veldin and had to be defeated in order to get through. These ships hover off the ground, and had a small gun on the front, that had a short range and let out a constant stream of bullets. Apart from the Two-eyed Tyhrranoid pilot, there were four One-Eyed Tyhrranoids in capsules in the wings, being two in each wing, although their function in the ship is unknown.

This form of Tyhrranoid was the least encountered in the entire game, and the second of any enemy the least encountered, only behind the Tank Bots. Only four of these are ever seen, all on Veldin. Due to Veldin only being available to players once per playthrough, these four are the maximum that may be encountered. However, one usually gets destroyed (possibly a bug) before Ratchet gets to it, so only 3 are ever usually attacked directly.


  • The Tyhrranoid Attack Ship that is usually absent is the third encountered and is located guarding a ruined bridge, just before the area where the Galactic Rangers are holding up against three Mecha-Tyhrranoids. (insert video as evidence)
  • There was concept art for a third even stronger attack ship that had a lower pilot and an upper gunner.
  • While in development stages the Tyhrranoid Attack Ship was called an APC.