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They came out of nowhere! [static] Tyhrranoid invasion force [static] Presidential Compound has been breached [static] cannot hold out much longer [static].
President Phyronix, sending out an S.O.S. to the Starship Phoenix., Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

The Tyhrranoids, sometimes shortened to Noids, were a race of stalked-eyed bipedal humanoid creatures who allied themselves with Dr. Nefarious as the primary infantry of his faction in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. They were eventually transformed into Robonoids when Dr. Nefarious activated the Biobliterator on Metropolis while the Tyhrranoids were invading the city. The Tyhrranoids' home planet was known as Tyhrranosis, where their leader, the Queen Tyhrranoid dwelled. The Galactic Rangers referred to them as Noids.


The Tyhrranoids were known to be incredibly unintelligent and gullible, as they had no concept of irony and were easily persuaded into allying with Nefarious and helped Nefarious destroy all organic life forms, even though they were organic life forms themselves, although they presumably aided him as they wanted to be transformed into Robonoids. They were also too slow to escape when the Biobliterator turned them all into robots. They often insulted each other and had terrible personal hygiene. Despite this, they were incredibly aggressive when in battle and were adept at handling heavy weapons, which made up for their lack of intelligence. The various Tyhrranoid types were recognizable by the number of eyes they had and their wide range in sizes. It appeared that the more eyes a Tyhrranoid had, the stronger it was.

QForce skin - Tyhrranoid

Tyhrranoid skin in Full Frontal Assault for the blue team

A Tyhrraguise was used to fool the Tyhrranoids into believing that Ratchet was one of them, but the Tyhrraguise only fooled the one-eyed organic Tyhrranoids. It could not work on any other types.

They also had their own language, Tyhrranese, which involved communicating with various sounds, squishing eyeballs, burping, farting and scratching their armpit.

In Deadlocked, a scene of a soap opera showed the groom telling his bride that he was not a real Tyhrranoid but a psytopus, causing the bride to scream. A robotic Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid was also seen in a Vox News Report before Ratchet enters the Vindicator Tournament, showing The Eviscerator stepping on top of one.

After Dr. Nefarious was defeated by Ratchet and Clank on Planet Mylon, the Tyhrranoids were, in fact, put into a high security prison.


Momma Tyhrranoid

The Mother Tyhrranoid

Tyhrranoids have strange reptile skin, and may be possibly similar to reptiles. All breeds of Tyhrranoids have stalk eyes, though the number varies. Tyhrranoids with more stalks were larger and stronger.


The ranking that a tyhrranoid possessed in their society was determined by how many eyes they possessed, with the minimum being one, and the maximum known being nine. Little was known was mentioned about the Tyhrranoids and their culture. They seem to be highly aggressive, likely because of harsh conditions on their homeworld of Tyhrranosis. Most Tyhrranoid tech seems to be focused for warfare and nothing else, suggesting they were quite intelligent at least when it comes to warfare. It's unknown if they waged war against other races before joining Dr. Nefarious, but it seems like they did. Since the Momma Tyhrranoid was the mother of the race, they may be similar to insects in social structure. It's unknown if there was more than one Momma Tyhrranoid, but since their race still exists, it seems likely. Oddly, Tyhrranoids have a concept of marriage. Tyhrranoids seem to enjoy numerous Holovision shows such as Secret Agent Clank. They also seem to have a crude language, crude being the keyword, which seems to almost entirely consist of a series of combinations of gestures that other, more civilized, races would consider rude such as farting, burping and scratching themselves in inappropriate places.

Tyhrranoids warlike nature often led them to participate in events where they could kill. Thus some Tyhrranoids were known to have participated in DreadZone, which can be seen in a clip.

Types and behavior

The behavior of different types of Tyhrranoids varied; they would react differently when spotting an intruder, and would react differently when unaware. The terms "unaware" and "alert" would be frequently used in this section, and thereby mean that if a Tyhrranoid was "unaware," they have not spotted an intruder and will not start attacking. When a Tyhrranoid was "alert," they have spotted an intruder and will start to pose to attack, preparing their guns and positions primarily.

  • One-Eyed Tyhrranoid: One-Eyed Tyhrranoids would usually be in groups, and would walk around unaware of any danger. If on alert, they would charge towards the target in a swarm, and surround it, therefor ready to be devoured. They had no guns, and had to use their bare teeth. They were the cannon fodder of Tyhrranoid Military, sent by the dozens only to slow the Lombax as they lost their lives. Many were killed by friendly fire by their comrades and some even kamikaze into Ratchet on Holostar Studios just to prevent Ratchet from obtaining a Titanium Bolt. Despite this they might be some of the brightest of the noids except in combat.
  • Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid: Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids were usually in smaller groups; however, there were much less of these. After seeing a target, they would go up to a safe, but effective distance and shoot from their guns. Their guns ejected acid usually. Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids appear to be excellent pilots, controlling every single Tyhrranoid Vehicle. They were also used as infantry, but only on Veldin where defenses were weak. After Veldin, all Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids would be seen controlling Vehicles, as they were better pilots than infantry, and the Tyhrranoid Commanders felt that using them as infantry was a waste of infantry.
  • Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid: Three-Eyed Tyhrranoids focused on being aware at all times and such, and even when unaware, they would only walk around a small area, usually behind some barrier. After being on alert, they would hide behind something, and after two seconds, they would turn and come out and shoot the target with their guns. Their gun shot three sparks of electricity at a time (three sparks on top of each other), which could go extremely long distances. After shooting, they would raise their guns in the air and let out a cry. This would leave these Tyhrranoids open for attack.
  • Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid: Four-Eyed Tyhrranoids were gigantic Tyhrranoids who had large bodies and weapons. They pride themselves on their strength and size, posing usually a very large threat. When unaware, they would never carelessly walk around, and would always place themselves in mid-air with their jet packs, underneath an opening in a room or a building, and when alert they would pop up, hover into the room and start firing from the behemoth they call artillery. They would very rarely go in contact with the floor, to allow difficulty for an enemy to try to aim at them. Their guns, like Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids, shot out acids; however, in very large balls, very powerfully, and with a colossal rate of fire. They proved enormous threat to victims.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

The Tyhrranoids make a small cameo appearance in the Ratchet & Clank PS4 game & movie they could be seen on the Holovision screen while Elaris played Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.


  • The Tyhrranoids' completely lacked a sense of irony in their thought process, making it truly ironic that they served organic hating Dr. Nefarious without realizing that they were organic.
  • A Three-Eyed Robonoid was known to have participated in DreadZone, where it made a cameo appearance as a corpse for The Eviscerator's photoshoot in Ratchet: Deadlocked.
  • There is a Holo-Vid show mentioned by Ace Hardlight called Queer Eye for the Tyhrranoid, a reference to a real TV show called Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.
  • In Jak 3, a course can be unlocked for the Gun Course, where the targets were Tyhrranoids.
  • Dallas Wanamaker once put a Tyhrranoid in Susie Beakleton's locker, which so terrified her she had to undergo therapy. Dallas apologized during the fight to destroy the Central Core of DreadZone Station, and he also mentioned that he heard the therapy was going well. However, considering the Tyhrranoids' aggressive nature and Dallas's personality, it is unknown how he was able to pull that off.
  • The Star Explorer has paint job named after the Tyhrranoids known as the Tyhrranoid Void.

Behind the scenes

Concept art for a Five Eyed Tyhrranoid could be found in Up Your Arsenal's sketchbook concept art.
Tyhrranoid types

Concept Art showing the 5 eyed tyhrranoid

Tyhrranoid is a skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault multiplayer.[1]


The "Tyhrra" part of "Tyhrranoid" was likely derived from the word "Tyranny," meaning a cruel and oppressive government or rule.

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