The Two-Headed Smolgian Snappers, also known as a Smolgian Snapper, were ravenous mutants that lived on Smolg. They presumably mutated due to MegaCorp's activities on the planet, which left their world intoxicated. They were highly aggressive and made a fairly good security force on MegaCorp bases, even if they were not tamed. One Smolgian Snapper who failed to grow a second head expressed his disgust for his species to Ratchet and Clank, and he provided them with the movie for Damosel after they gave him 40,000 bolts. They are apparently somewhat sentient, but act more like wild animals than a proper civilized race with the exception of the Old Smolgian.

Old Smolgian

The Mutant Crab, a Smolgian Snapper that failed to grow a second head

Twoheadedsmolgiansnapper Monsterpedia

A Two-Headed Smolgian Snapper in the Monsterpedia


The beasts had a serious counter-attack, which was their most powerful way of taking out intruders. If Ratchet hit them with his wrench, they would immediately lunge back at him with massive force, biting him. This attack was almost impossible to avoid, so Ratchet could instead use long/medium ranged weapons to take them out instead. Also, if not hit by any form of weapon (which they would counter-attack in the second there were hit, no matter of range), they would just try to bite him.