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The Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids were the brothers of the One-Eyed Tyhrranoids. In Up Your Arsenal, like other types of Tyhrranoids, they were transformed into a mechanical appearance. They controlled all the Tyhrranoid vehicles and machines, including Momma Tyhrranoid's backpack turret, possibly making them the most intelligent of the Tyhrranoids.

They had a peach-colored skin and were first encountered on Veldin inside Tyhrranoid Attack Ships.


Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid v2

The Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids v2 were tiger-striped versions of the Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids. They first appeared on Tyhrranosis.

Two-Eyed Robonoids

After being transformed by the Biobliterator, the Two-Eyed Robonoids would continue to control several vehicles as before.

In-game information

Throughout most of the game they appeared piloting Tyhrranoid vehicles; however, they were found on foot as infantry soldiers on planet Veldin (as the Tyhrranoid Commanders felt that they wasted good pilots for lousy infantry). When fought without a vehicle they utilized a plasma pistol.


Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid controlling a Mecha

Piloted vehicles

Encountered on

Other appearances

In Deadlocked a Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid can be seen in Ratchet: Deadlocked in a reality dating show, seen as being a priest in a marriage between a One-Eyed Tyhrranoid female and Psytopus disguised as a male One-Eyed Tyhrranoid using the TyhrraGuise. After the Psytopus reveals he's not really a Tyhrranoid, the Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid priest trembles back in fear at the true form of the would be groom.

In Secret Agent Clank, statues of Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids appeared in the Boltaire Museum, they are depicted as running away from a Zeus-like Robot.

In Full Frontal Assault, the Tyhrranoid multiplayer skin was a Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid.


Ambiguously canon

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