Grelbin Ice Field

Ratchet on the Tundor Wastes

The Tundor Wastes were vast, icy tundra on the planet Grelbin. It was home to Angela Cross and the New Age Mystic, and one of the coldest locations in the galaxy. It harbored monsters such as the ferocious Y.E.T.I.s and the enormous Arctic Leviathans. Tundor Wastes were supposed to be the new sites for a major raritanium export. It is suspected that MegaCorp would be behind that environmental destruction similar to the desert they created on planet Tabora. Because of the overpopulation in Y.E.T.I..s no exports are taken out of the raritanium plants now, as there are no ships that could be possible export carriers. The only real moving life on the Tundor Wastes besides Arctic Leviathans and Y.E.T.I..s are the small miner bots.

Strange ice and rock formations can be seen dotting the land, probably because of harsh icy winds that erode away boulders and cliffs. There were few Protopets on the lands, but Ratchet stopped them from spreading.


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