Tremor was an aggressive sapient species of insectoids aliens. Large numbers of this species served as DreadZone as gladiators.

Tremors attacked by charging towards Ratchet with their arm blades and taking a swipe when in close combat or utilizing a long-ranged shockwave attack by slamming their blade in to the ground.

They were best dealt with a long-ranged weapon with the Freeze mod or the Scorpion Flail.


Tremors were bipedal green insectoids that were slightly shorter than Qwark. The species left arm was covered with a massive blade, which was capable of sending a small "tremor" toward unsuspecting foes. The Tremors face consisted of pincers and three yellow triangle eyes.


  • It is possible that Eviscerator is related to Tremors due to their similar physiology.


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