ACIT Treasure Mapper

The Treasure Mapper in A Crack in Time

The Treasure Mapper was an item (supposedly) used by space pirates. It functioned similarly to Gadgetron's Map-O-Matic and MegaCorp's Mapper. Ratchet collected three of these in the course of the series: one in Tools of Destruction, another in A Crack in Time, and another one in Into the Nexus. The Treasure Mapper showed the locations of various collectible items on the user's map, allowing them to be found more easily. In Tools of Destruction, Ratchet could use this item to help him find gold bolts and RYNO IV holo-plans. In A Crack in Time, Ratchet could use the Treasure Mapper to find gold bolts, RYNO V holo-plans, Constructo mods, and Zoni. In Into The Nexus, it was used to find gargathon hornsVault Keys, & RYNO VII holo-plans.

In Tools of Destruction, it is awarded after defeating Captain Slag.

In A Crack in Time, it is awarded after beating the fourth challenge of the Raritanium Cup at the Agorian Battleplex.

In Into The Nexus, it is awarded for beating the sixth challenge of the Gold Cup at Destructapalooza.


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