Megacorp Employee

Presenting the Tractor Beam on Oozla

The Tractor Beam scientist was a scientist who Ratchet came across on planet Oozla. He worked at the MegaCorp Outlet on the planet developing the new Tractor Beam. When Ratchet arrived in a failed attempt to capture "The Thief" who had deactivated the outlet's perimeter defenses, the scientist seemed totally oblivious to the carnage around him, too preoccupied with showing off his invention. When Ratchet ran across him, the Scientist, apparently deluded showed off his invention before his large "audience" (in actuality only Ratchet was there). He then sold the Tractor Beam to Ratchet and left the swamp. Ratchet bought the Tractor Beam for 1,000 bolts. He later appeared at the end of Up Your Arsenal, watching the Secret Agent Clank film along with Ratchet & Clank.


  • He was one of many scientists seen at the outlet when Ratchet first arrived. He seemed to be one of the only survivors of the swamp monster attack on the facility, as all of his fellow scientists were eaten alive.