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The Tractor Beam is a gadget in Going Commando. It is a handheld gadget that allows the user to move certain objects around by manipulating them from a close to medium range, depending on if they feature an orange Tractor Beam target signal.

The Tractor Beam is a gadget prototype developed by a scientist on planet Oozla. After demonstrating it, the scientist offers to sell it to Ratchet for 1,000 bolts.


Ratchet using Tractor Beam Maktar Resort

Ratchet using the Tractor Beam at the Maktar Resort.

The Tractor Beam can manipulate any object with an orange target signal. This allows Ratchet to use the Tractor Beam on a target and then move it around with freedom. Aside from moving around platforms for Ratchet to jump on, it can also be used to move bombs around to destroy obstacles to areas, or to move robot inspectors to a pad to gain clearance. The Tractor Beam can also be used to access secret areas.

The Tractor Beam can be used on Oozla, in the Maktar Resort, on Siberius, on Todano, and on Yeedil.