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The Tornado Launcher was a Gadgetron weapon which allowed its user to create and control their own miniature tornadoes. It shot out a razor disk which spun so fast, a miniature tornado formed on top of it. The tornado could pick up foes, bolts, and debris. The Tornado Launcher was useful when taking out a large and closely packed group of enemies, as the tornado could suck up the enemies and whirl them helplessly around. It was also good for gathering all the bolts within a vicinity, as the tornado sucked up bolts as well. The Tornado launcher could be upgraded to have a Gyro-Turbine using Raritanium, which made the tornado last longer than usual. The Tornado Launcher upgraded into the Tempest Launcher, which still launched a tornado but shot out 900-gigavolt bolts of lightning from its side.



Once launched, the tornados could be controlled using SIXAXIS, while the player could still control Ratchet via the use of the left analog stick. The player could even switch to another weapon and keep using the tornado via SIXAXIS. However, the Tornado Launcher could be a pain to use. The simultaneous use of the analog stick and SIXAXIS was described as "like trying to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time." [citation needed] However, enough practice with this weapon made the controls much easier to use.

Tools of Destruction

The Tornado Launcher was first available at the Cobalia Spaceport on planet Cobalia for 40,000 bolts.


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 373
  • V2: 448
  • V3: 537
  • V4: 645
  • V5: 774
Raritanium upgrades

Quest for Booty

Ratchet started the game with the Tornado Launcher, but it fell into the Azorean Sea when Rusty Pete shot him out of a cannon. Ratchet received the Tornado Launcher from Mayor Worley along with the Shock Ravager when Ratchet returned to defend Hoolefar Island from the Undead Pirates. It started at V3, and dealt 200 damage at V3. It held five ammo, just like in Tools of Destruction.

Location of the Gyro-Turbine

The Gyro-Turbine was found in Darkwater Cove. To get it, head up the path that leads to the Angstrom's Tune minigame all the way to the spring pad. Jump up on top of the net to the left and across some platforms to the upgrade.

  • V3: 200
  • V4: 240
  • V5: 244

Weapon summaries

Generate the awsome power of nature at the touch of a button! When these raging tornadoes are unleashed, they sweep up objects and enemies as if they were toys. Move the Wireless Controller to steer them into the path of your foes.
―Survival Guide Weapon Description  [ToD]



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