Todano was a forest world with large mountains, that was the location of one of the largest MegaCorp weapons facility in the Bogon Galaxy. A robotic Abercrombie Fizzwidget gave guided tours, mostly about the giant missiles in the foyer.

Todano was inhabited by Mutant Test-Squirrels, which liked to feed on the tourists that visited.

When Ratchet encountered Zurgo a second time on planet Markazia, he had a flashback of meeting him the first time on planet Todano.[1]


Todano had a mix of climates, but the MegaCorp Armory had a highland mountain climate with cool temperatures year round.

Characters on Todano


Planet Todano

Ratchet on planet Todano


  • Most planets in the same game appeared to have their continents designed based on those of Todano.
  • Kerwan in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal appeared like a mirrored version of Todano.
  • When you destroy all of the rockets along the tourist path, one of them will fly into the air and then when continue up the elevator and cross the bridge, you'll see it crash down onto a MegaCorp Robot Guard.


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